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Born into a family with a long lineage of traditional performing arts, it was natural for Swarnadeepa to take to the classical arts. She was initiated into dance at an early age and was gradually drawn towards Mohiniyattam, the cause her mother and Guru T. Shankaranarayanan has come to become synonymous with. It is this artistic legacy, a commitment to the cause of Mohiniyattam that Swarnadeepa has imbibed.

Gurus & Training

Gurus & Training


1990 -2000

2000 - 2004

Kathak under Guru Manisha Bhattacharya

Bharatanatyam under Guru Kalamandalam T Shankara Narayanan

(Principal, Sangeet Bhavan, Viswa Bharati, Shantiniketan)

Mohiniyattam under Guru Kalamandalam Pushpalata

2004 - 2007

Kuchipudi under Guru Kalamandalam Rajalakshmi

2002 - 2006

Diploma in Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam from Kerala Kalamandalam deemed University, under Gurus Kalamandalam Padmini, Kalamandalam Leelamma, Kalamandalam Hymavathi, Kalamandalam Pushpalata, Kalamandalam Rajalekshmi

Kalamandalam Swarnadeepa has also undergone training in Drama & Recitation under Guru Itusree Mahanta. She has undergone training in Martial Arts, Folk & Creative Dance from 1995 - 2000. 

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